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August 31, 2013
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Look at the items scattered across the table you narrowed your eyes. There was a knife, a few pages of paper all with different things written on them. But what really caught your eyes was a game case. It looked to be a game for an old game system, a Nintendo 64. The label of the game was ripped off.

Looking to your side you saw that Tsaeb's grin was bigger then before, for a second you though that you would be stuck with the frightening creature.

"Don't worry, you didn't get this moron." Jen grumbled as she wacked the shadow beast over the head, making him whimper before sitting down with a fear full look in his glowing white eyes.

"Now where is BEN?" Looked to where you heard the voice you saw a small blue-gray cat with a flower coming out of it's head. The cat had an annoyed look in her icy blue eyes and the head flower was  bright orange. Letting out an angry huff she climbed up onto a near by couch where a man in a green tunic, with white pants, brown boots, a green elf had, pointy ears, and blond hair.

"BEN! Your up!" The cat hissed as she swiped a clawed paw at the man, cutting his arm. The man, you now knew was BEN looked away from the TV and pause the game he was playing.

"What the hell was that for!" BEN snapped at the small cat. He then reached out a hand towards her head flower and give it a pull. Making her yelp in alarm and run off and hide under a near by chair.

"Get in the closet!" Tsaeb snapped pushing you in then throwing BEN in after you. The door was then closed and locked and not to long after that you heard "Your time starts now!"

 You pushed your self to the back of the closet, shocked that there was a bit more room then you had thought. Everything was silent, the space was dark apart from the light coming from under the door. The only way you knew where BEN was, was because of his red eyes. A gasp left you lips as you where slammed to the closet wall. Hands pinned to the side of your head, you (eye color) orbs looking into glowing red ones.

"Looks like I get to have some fun." BEN smiled as he placed his lips over yours. The kiss was shockingly soft and warm, witch made you kiss back- though the kiss at times tasted like river water. When you did BEN added some more passion into it, running his hand down your side and letting to of your hands. You stopped his and from going up your shirt and when you did BEN pulled away with a sly grin.

"You shouldn't of done that." He's grin grow, making you blush.

He then moved his head to your neck and start kissing, licking, and nipping. Then when he hit your soft spot he let out a gasp, grinning into your neck he start to kiss and nip at that spot a lot more, making a light moan leave your lips. He soon left your neck and moved to your lips, you two where locked in a deep kiss when the door was open. There where a few whistle, making you and BEN pull away. BEN have a wide grin, you blushing madly. With that BEN picked you up and toke you to a different room of the house. That night you won the game and got your self a gamer boyfriend.

*looks around* Here is the first one... um... yeah
Masky is next, you guys can vote for the 3rd one :P

Here's the first part-

Voting ends when I'm not to busy to work on this =.=
Herobrine- 8 (Damn son, looks like this guys gonna win for the 3red one :iconshockplz: )
Lost Silver- 5
Strangled Red- 5
Slender Man- 4 (Gonna make a one short for him soon, to hold you guys up tell I get to him ^-^ )
Tails Doll- 4
Jeff- 4
Eyeless Jack- 3
Smile- 3

PS- Working on Masky's one right now should be up soon, then I shall work on the winner. Voting will stay open till 23 or 24 cause I've got work to keep on top of as well ._.
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